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"All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come." ~Victor Hugo

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The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True

"I did examine myself," he said. "Solitude did increase my perception. But here's the tricky thing - when I applied my increased perception to myself, I lost my identity. With no audience, no one to perform for, I was just there. There was no need to define myself; I...

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"Buy food before you buy my supplements."

Yes, Rich Piana takes drugs/steroids. He's about as open as he can be about it without getting arrested. I am often suspicious of this guy, and I have a hard time likiing him, nevertheless, he is pretty straightforward, and I found this 9+ minute video interesting. He talks of what it's like to be paid to rep a product. He talks about leaving Mutant. Take this for what it's worth, and like...

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How do you start a blog on here?

I took some photos and then went to the blog section, but I see no way to start a new thread/blog. Can anyone help? I see that there is a line through the tfr symbol on the blog section. Does that mean that blogging is no longer an option on here?

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Nut Butter Recall

Contact: Consumer: 1-800-937-7008 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 19, 2014 - nSpired Natural Foods, Inc. is voluntarily recalling certain retail lots of Arrowhead Mills® Peanut Butters, MaraNatha® Almond Butters and Peanut Butters and specific private label nut butters (listed below) packaged in glass and plastic jars because they have the potential to be contaminated with...

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New Album

Last One | Barry Bliss You can listen for free, if you'd like....while drinking Kombucha, if you'd like.

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Antibiotic pesticides linked to allergic reaction,...

Antibiotic pesticides linked to allergic reaction,...

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Ran a Race

I'm not the fastest 5K runner, and I'm not the slowest. For the last 3 years I have run in about 3 races. All 3 were 5ks and in all 3 I ran almost the exact same time. Today there was a small race close to where I live, and it being for a good cause, and me being on vacation, I figured what the heck. I ended up in 3rd place, which you usually cannot do with a time as slow as 19:34, but so be...

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Mark "Fightshark" Miller

So far, it's a pretty good read.

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A gut microbe that stops food allergies

Food allergies have increased about 50% in children since 1997. There are various theories explaining why. One is that the 21st century lifestyle, which includes a diet very different from our ancestors’, lots of antibiotic use, and even a rise in cesarean section deliveries, has...

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Woody Guthrie museum, Tulsa, OK.

Outside the Woody Guthrie museum in Tulsa, OK. "Don’t point your finger at that boy on the highway / As you travel down this road / Either give him your help or pass him with kindness / Cause he’s got all the trouble that he wants..." -Woody Guthrie, ('Be Kind to the Boy on the Road')

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